Notary Office

ul. Różana 1A/2, 58-100 Świdnica.
tel/fax: 74 853 39 62, 74 857 81 41

Office hours:
mon.-fr. 9:00-16:00.

It is possible to set the hours of notarial activities individually.

Notary as a person of public trust is appointed to perform actions that finally takes a form of notary deed, whose drafting is needed by Parties or demanded of them.

Pursuant to art. 79 of the Notary Act of February 14, 1991 a notary performs the following actions:

1) drafts notary deeds;
1a) drafts deeds of succession certification;
2) drafts notarizations;
3) delivers statements;
4) drafts the minutes;
5) drafts bills and cheques protests;
6) holds money, securities, documents, data stored on the IT data carrier under provisions on the computerisation of the activity of the entities exercising public-service mission;
7) drafts certified copies and excerpts of the documents;
8) drafts the projects of deeds, statements and other documents at the Party request;
9) exercises other activities under separate provisions.